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Jios Academy is an online digital market company that specializes in assisting SMEs and entrepreneurs to achieve success in their online businesses.

Devin Tyu

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We offer online marketing, corporate training, and entrepreneurship training programs to help individuals and businesses improve their skills and knowledge, and achieve personal and business growth.

Education & Coaching

Online marketing training

online marketing training program teaches the latest digital marketing tools and strategies for creating effective campaigns, improving online presence, using social media for marketing, and measuring success.

Corporate Training

Corporate training aims to improve employees' skills and knowledge to help them better complete job tasks and improve performance.

Entrepreneurship training

Our entrepreneurship training program helps aspiring entrepreneurs gain the knowledge and skills necessary to start their own businesses.


We Deliver Measurable Results

We promise to deliver measurable results through our training programs

Our programs are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply what they learn in real-life situations. We also provide regular assessments and feedback to ensure that participants are on track to achieve their goals.

Out of 5

Out of what My Clients Say


Best Online Coach Ever

The tutor is very nice in teaching this course. Don’t afraid that not able to follow up or hard to learn. As long as you have patience to learn, it’s great help to yourself.


Gretest smartest decision

Great sharing from coach Devin. 2 day packed class which I learnt a lot. Coach Devin is very generous with his sharing of knowledge and supported with many examples for easy understanding.

Subbu Teo

The Best E Commere Course I Have Attended

This is by far the best E-commerce course I have attended. The live classes are supported with detailed step-by-step video instructions that students can watch in their free time. You will learn all the necessary tools, tricks and tips to start a dropshipping business in the fastest time. You will learn A-Z about setting up a Shopify store, prosuct sourcing ans selection, Facebook marketing and measuring your results, fulfillment and scaling of the business. Devin is a good instructor who is able to explain concepts clearly and is very generouse in sharing his knowledge and experience. Highly recommended!
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